Train as if your life depends on it, because it kind of does. 

We are a community dedicated to providing a safe, supportive environment where anyone, regardless of age, ability, or gender identity can achieve their individual health and fitness goals safely.



Kettlebell classes are our most technical class and involve a combination of technique practice, strength training, and conditioning. You'll practice Swings, Turkish get ups, Goblet and Front squats, Cleans, Military Presses, and Snatching along with bodyweight moves. Kettlebells are a unique piece of equipment that allows us to combine both strength and cardio into one class.



Sandbags are a challenging and unique training tool. As you progress through guided movements, the sand shifts in the bag and your muscles react to stabilize your core. This class uses the Ultimate Sandbag (USB) to build functional fitness and encourage progressions in strength, stability and movement. Using a dynamic approach, each class incorporates core DVRT movements to build strength mixed with higher intensity ballistic movements to build stamina. Each class begins with a warm up to prepare key muscle groups for the work ahead, and ends with an opportunity to stretch and recover.


Strength & Balance

Using a variety of tools such as kettlebells, TRX, resistance bands, sandbags, each session offers a solid strength-building routine. Like all of our classes, Strength and Balance classes are easily scaled to your individual fitness level whether you're a total beginner or a more advanced athlete!


Bags & Bells

All the benefits of sandbag and kettlebell training combined into one class. This is a fun & dynamic circuit class incorporating ultimate sandbags (USB) and kettlebell/bodyweight movements. We focus on form, strength and functional fitness. Programs are designed in 4 week workout cycles allow you to build confidence before learning new movements but you can join anytime in the cycle.


Barbell Basics

Learn how to deadlift, squat, and bench press with safe and proper form. Customized plans help you progress at your own pace, increasing your strength as you practice these three full body movements. Whether you’re totally new to barbells, advanced or somewhere in between, you will be guided you towards new personal records in a safe and fun environment!


Move Freely

How well we move impacts our quality of life. Reaching, bending, picking up and carry things (or small people!) is a basic physical skill set you don’t have to lose. In this class you'll learn how to release tightness that can limit your joints’ range of motion. No "workout" in this class, but we guarantee your body will feel freer, whatever you choose to do afterward!


Open Gym

Drop in any time on Saturdays between 8a and 10:00a to do the "training of the day" or ask for help with whatever movement you'd like to learn or improve.


Make an Appointment

All classes at The Kettlebell Fitness Center include instruction/review of proper lifting technique. Our small class sizes ensure that your coach knows you by name and will modify the exercises to accommodate your level of experience and fitness so you do not feel left behind.