About The Kettlebell Fitness Center


Whether you’re in your 20s or 70s or somewhere in between, your quality of life depends in large part on your physical health. Barring chronic illness or accidents, consistently practicing safe and effective strength training is key to you living independently throughout your life.

The Kettlebell Fitness Center is unlike traditional gyms and you’ll notice the difference the first time you walk through our door. More studio than fitness center, we’re small (1,100 sq. ft.), with just the right amount of space for our one-on-one training sessions and small group classes.

As coaches, we don’t set goals for you. We listen to your story (everyone has one right?), what you want to achieve, then together we create a plan and work with you to reach those goals.

All classes at The Kettlebell Fitness Center include instruction/review of proper lifting technique. Our small class sizes ensure that your coach knows you by name and will modify the exercises to accommodate your level of experience and fitness so you do not feel left behind.

No matter your age or your current physical condition, we encourage you to start where you are right now. Decide how you want to live and let us help you make it your reality!