J’s Blog: Why the Kettlebell Fitness Center is like having Christmas all year long!

As we come to the end of 2016, (some of us perhaps feeling a little bedraggled and worn by the year), I would like to explain to you why being part of The Kettlebell Fitness Center is like experiencing the joys of Christmas all year round. I shall do this very cleverly, and oh, so slightly smugly, in an Acrostic style, sure to please your senses in every way imaginable!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin….

C is for Community: and what an amazing community this place is – full of people who genuinely care about each other, encourage each other, listen to each other and have lots of fun together. C is also for Crawling (bear, leopard, spider, baby), Champions: the TKFC is chock full of champions who aim for goals and work hard toward reaching them. Cheers: for the champions and for personal records, Celebrations (see Cheers), Corpse poses (after a hard workout) and Cooking (especially when we get together for the Good Food Club once a month, bringing lots of delicious food and enjoying each other’s company…which brings us back to Community).

H is for Health, Happiness, (really, health and happiness seem to like walking hand in hand, don’t they? The healthier you feel, the happier you are. Well, I know that’s how it works for me). Hanging: still working on my pull ups, Hinging: (NOT the same as squats! Remember this important difference), Hip snaps: helping kettlebells to float and strengthening your core since time began and Hugging: yes, we respect peoples’ personal space, but we also hug – ‘cos we really like each other!

R is for Rows (renegade and lunge), Round the Worlds, Ropes: (ladies, just remember to wear a sports bra in case Nancy tells you to do Jumping Jacks whilst using the battle ropes), Refreshment (drink it if you’ve got it!), Rolling: always a good thing to do after a hard workout. Rest: not a bad thing. Sometimes you just have to take it down a notch, and we always appreciate the 15 seconds between sets. Records: we love seeing others set themselves new Personal Records. We record it and celebrate it, and hug, and jump, and cheer and dance. Refuge: sometimes this place and community is a refuge to come to after a crappy week, or day when you want to be in a place with friends (where everybody knows your name) and take your stress out on those chunks of cast iron.

I is for Inspiration; we are inspired by our trainers, and by the progress of others. Intensity: especially those 15:15 finishers after an already tough workout! Impressive: seeing people achieve feats of strength that they didn’t think they were capable of. Influence: see Inspiration. Seriously, we are inspired and influenced by our peers and trainers who help us go on to great things! Information: Understanding why we hinge, why we snap, why we engage our core helps us to improve our form and strength. I Go You Go: helps us challenge each other and ourselves. We don’t want to be the first to give up!  Interest: our trainers ALWAYS keep class interesting and different.

S is for Swings, Squats, Suitcase Carries, Sandbags, Sleds, Stones, Snatches, Skull Crushers: (all great moves and disciplines that help us become the fine tuned athletes we are turning in to. Sass: the amount of bad-assery and sass makes for fun and sometimes loud, hilarious classes. Strong(wo)men Challenges: where we amaze each other and the public with what we can do, and how strong we are, raising money for local causes.  Sweat: lots of it. LOTS. Strength: each one of us is getting stronger every day and in every way. And (as Martha Stewart says)…It’s a good thing.

T is for Trainers and Training : all of them are awesome and have their own way of training and helping us become healthy and strong people. Transformation: looking back over the past couple of years, I see how my body has been transformed from a flabby, unhealthy thing to an ongoing process of strength and beauty! I’m learning to appreciate myself. (I have collar bones and muscles and less fat!), TRX: to help our core and balance. These straps can be great tools in building mobility and strength. Trying: and trying and trying again. Tire Flips, Truck Pulling and Trap Bars.

M is for Muscle, Movement, Magnificence, Military Presses, Music and Much Merriment





A is for Attitude, Ability, Agility, Airplane pulling,  All Ages, All Sizes, All Shapes

S is for the Super Star who has built this community that is CHRISTMAS for us all year round…

Thank you Nancy for all you do for us, and all you are to us. We hold you very dear in our hearts and love you to pieces.

Here’s to CHRISTMAS all year long in 2017!!




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