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Happy New Year!! Happy, Happy…. New…so, who felt like they kind of limped over 2016’s finish line in to 2017 for various reasons? I know that I certainly did. The hubs started off the new year with that humdinger of a cold that turned into a sinus infection, complete with incessant coughing and loss of voice. Garlicky chicken and kale soup was our constant companion for a week, and I quickly lost my sympathy and resorted to sleeping in a separate room, as I decided it was the only way our marriage would survive during this pestilent plague. (As you can see, nursing is my real vocation….)

Then, just as I congratulated myself on not succumbing to the dastardly disease, chewing vitamin C like it was my job, I was hit with it. The good news is that mine only lasted a week or so instead of Dan’s 3-4 week stint. And I have to say, he was much more of a sympathetic nurse! It was bad enough that it put paid to working out. I couldn’t summon up the energy to exercise and I certainly didn’t want to cook. I ate what was handy at the time. Lots of cereal and toasted English muffins with poached eggs. By the time we were done with this thing, I looked six months pregnant with bloating and had to start wearing my larger work pants to feel comfortable.

As I blew my nose, and chomped down on throat lozenges, drinking many, many hot toddies to make me well (my excuse for drinking whiskey, with a touch of cloves, lemon, honey and hot water), I scrolled down my Instagram and Facebook feeds, marvelling at all the January Whole 30 denizens, smashing it out of the park with their pretty, fancy schmancy menus. Me? Bitter? Ha! (Beverly Plowucha, you’re doing a fantastic job of your Whole 30!)

However, the cold has finally left me and I’m feeling motivated and ready to take 2017 on. Who’s with me? 2017 is going to be a year of strength, power, bad-assery, health and adventures in so many ways, right?

The Kettlebell Fitness Center has been pretty crowded on Saturday mornings, which lends an atmosphere of motivation and fun. I’ve been working on my deadlifts with a workout that Nancy gave me. 10 reps of a warm up weight, adding 20lb for 8 reps, adding another 20lb for 6, a final 20lb for 4 reps. At the highest weight, do 4 sets of 8-10 reps. After that, put the barbell with the highest weights on a rack or boxes to bring the bar higher, and do 4 sets of 8-10 reps again, interspersed with kettlebell floor presses each side. I love to deadlift…have I told you that? My goal this year is 300lb, whether trap bar or barbell, and I aim to smash it, baby!.

To help get to that goal,  Dan and I moseyed on down to Lowe’s to pick up some interlocking rubber mats for the basement and are in the process of  transferring the barbell and weights we have from the garage, so we can have our own mini-gym down there with the mice and spiders and thousand leggers…which is nice. I am excited to be able to work on my deadlifts (making sure I practice good form of course) outside of class. There is the temptation to try and lift heavier just to make it to the 300 but have learned that form is more important than the weight you lift. Impatient? You bet! Do I want to get injured? Erm…..no.

Last week, I did a huge shop, practically buying out the whole produce section of ShopRite and went home to food prep for the week. Olive Oil Mayo, Artichoke Chimichurri and Zingy Ginger Dressing (my go-to put-that-stuff-on-all-the-things sauces and dressings) were whipped up to the sounds of Louis Prima. A batch of yummy salmon cakes, a roasted chicken, some Greek style kebabs with Grass Fed Ground beef (from Well Fed 2) were next as I warbled along with Amy Winehouse. Red and white cabbage were made into coleslaw, tossed with a mixture of the Mayo and Ginger Dressing with a little Pink Martini music for added ambience. Sauteed Bok Choy and Rainbow Chard with shallots, red pepper flakes and lemon juice was added to the kebabs for dinner that night. Vegetable curry was on the menu for Monday and Tuesday night (with some added chicken for me and wild rice for Dan). It really does make the week easier if you can set aside a couple of hours. I know not everyone can do it, but even just chopping the vegetables for the week ahead, getting garlic pressed or minced, and roasting some veggies in a pan all helps. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and already, I’m feeling the benefits again and have stopped wearing my larger work pants once again. Thrice Huzzah for that!

No resolutions this year, just goals to be awesome where and when I can, just like Kid President (do you follow this kid on Facebook? Check the dude out!)…and to get stronger!

See you in a couple of weeks, my friends! I am going to give you a load of great strength people, websites and Facebook pages to check out, if you’re interested in getting stronger.

Until then, Happy New Year and stay strong and sane!

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