J’s Blog: A joyride of a July!

Well, hello friends! You’re still here? Time has slipped by so quickly and I’ve been away most weekends in Northville, NY, managed to injure myself when I decided to go for a run (which is why kettlebells are better for me!), got ready for an art show and been “nursing/bossing” the husband who is off the next 12 weeks from work after shoulder surgery. However, I’ve also found a new way to clean and moisturize my face…what riches!

So this spring/summer so far has been a little hectic. I had an art show coming up, and as I am the world’s biggest procrastinator, I left it to the last minute and then scrambled to prepare. However, it meant that my fun/exercise routine suffered a little. I tried to go for a brisk walk a few weeks ago as I was too late home from work to make it to Bags ‘n’ Bells with Bev, and it turned into a run, which was swiftly followed by an extremely painful hobble a mile away from home as my calf seized up, and I could barely walk. The hubs had to come and pick me up. That calf gave me grief for well over a week despite icing and stretching. ‘Twas not fun at all.

As well as preparing for the art show, the hubs ended up having shoulder surgery that week on his rotator cuff, labrum tendon and had bone spurs taken out. So that was a fun week also as my inner, compassionate nurse came out and I lovingly tended to his every need (by day 3 I was channeling Nurse Ratchett, believe me!). The upside is that now he’s home all day, I come back from work to find that he’s usually prepared a pretty healthy meal for me. I think I could get used to this.

I did get some kind of workouts in while up in Northville. A couple of dead trees had to come down and the tree guy just cut them up into 16” sections. They were solid wooden wheels that had to be tidied up, so using my deadlifting and tire flipping skills, I pulled, pushed, squatted, hinged and carried for a few hours to tidy up the mess that the tree had made, and constructed an awesome wood pile. Functional fitness at its best!

My consistency in training over the past couple of months has been sorely lacking and we all know that consistency trumps intensity. I realised how much I miss kettlebells. Evenings have changed a little. Striking & Conditioning on Tuesdays, Sandbags on Thursdays and trying to concentrate on my favourite (deadlifting) on Saturdays has meant that consistency in kettlebells has almost gone by the wayside (even though I love the boxing and sandbag classes).I need to re-think and re-set. I have to work out if I need to change my days and times or if I just need to give myself a kick up the jacksie and do kettlebells at home on alternate days just to stop the inconsistency. I’ve also noticed – and you may find this weird – that whenever I slack off on my health/fitness routine, slack on the exercising, and the healthy eating, I end up having weird dreams; mostly to do with reversing in a car that won’t brake. As if I’m going backwards out of control. (Told you I was weird, didn’t I?)

This blog, I don’t have a recipe for you that you eat, but one that you can use. Let me tell you a little secret. The other day, I reached for my packet of face cleansing wipes only to find out that they were all gone. What is a girl to do when she wants to take off her makeup before going to bed? I remembered seeing an article a few weeks ago about natural face cleansing and decided to try it. Ladies and gentlemen, I will never go back.

First, I soaked a face cloth with hot water and wrung it out, wiping it gently over my face. Next, I took some extra virgin coconut oil and rubbed it in my hands until it melted, and then smeared it over my face and eyelids. Then, I soaked and wrung out the facecloth with hot water again, and wiped off the coconut oil and make up and repeated that rinsing process a couple of times..

Finally,  I splashed cold water on my face, dried it, and rubbed a little coconut oil back into my face to moisturize it. The coconut oil is quickly absorbed. It works, my friends…it works. No expensive creams, cleansers, or wipes. I am a convert. Have you ever tried it? What did you think?

That’s it for this blog. I’m hoping by the next blog, I’ll have figured out how to stay consistent with my workouts, my mojo will have re-appeared and I’ll be applying for American Ninja Warrior!

Until then – stay strong!

J x


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