1,000 Swing Challenge!

As you know, swings are hands-down the ultimate fat-loss training method – yes, better than running – and practice makes perfect(er) right?!
Beginning December 3 and ending on December 31your challenge is to complete 1,000 (or more) swings!  Swings performed outside of class will be counted (you’re on your honor) and you can post your swings on the whiteboard at the Center.   This year there will be prizes –  but your biggest prize will be an even stronger body, am I right?!? 🙂
I hope it goes without saying, but this is a voluntary challenge, you do not have to keep track of your swings unless you want to.  We did this a couple of years ago and everyone was surprised by the number of swings they were able to do, how much stronger they felt, and how much fun they had doing it. Join us!
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