During one of our group classes this week, someone who is very fit and in her mid-forties commented that her fitness goals have changed lately.  She said she used to feel she had to feel exhausted/trashed/super sweaty following a “workout” or it wasn’t good enough.  Now she’s excited about getting stronger, challenging herself and setting goals to use more weight. In other words, to feel good afterwards instead of drained or cripplingly sore.  Several in the class who are in their 50s and 60s agreed, adding the tit has become much more important for them to feel energetic, get stronger and maintain mobility than to pursue a “fit look”.  (PS sweating is still a good thing!)

The importance of staying active as we age cannot be overstated.  Anyone who has been injured or had surgery knows how frustrating it can be, and how it impacts your independence.

Train as if your life depends on it.  Because it kind of does.


All classes at The Kettlebell Fitness Center include instruction/review of proper lifting technique in addition to a self-paced workout.  Technique is of paramount importance with kettlebell training, and small group settings allow everyone to learn the basic lifts safely.    Practicing  proper technique from the beginning yields faster gains in strength and endurance without being sidelined by injury.

Kettlebell Classes

Each class begins with mobility work, warming up joints and soft tissue (fascia) and guided movement.   Classes include instruction in the basic kettlebell lifts and bodyweight moves and conclude with a warm-down of gentle stretching and/or more mobility drills.

Strength Circuit 

These sessions use a variety equipment including kettlebells, ropes, TRX, sandbags, medicine balls, and bands in addition to bodyweight moves.   As with the kettlebell classes, all levels of experience are welcome.

Private Sessions

If you are a beginner, coming back after a break, or simply like the personal attention afforded by a one-0n-one session, individual instruction is for you.  Sessions are available throughout the week by appointment.


Sandbags are a challenging and unique training tool.  As you progress through guided movements, the sand shifts in the bag and your muscles react to stabilize your core.  All of  your large and smaller muscles will work together for a full-body workout!

Open Gym

Drop in any time on Saturdays between 7a and 9:30a to do the “training of the day”, or  get help with whatever movement you’d like to learn or improve.

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