I recently had the pleasure of doing some kettlebell practice with Nancy. She has a firm grasp of the proper use and application of the kettlebell, a keen eye for detail and the ability to actually listen. She is also charming and witty with great life experience that she brings to her kettlebell practice. If you live in the Albany area I highly recommend searching Nancy out for training. ~ Steve Milles, RKC II, New York, NY

I am a semi-pro football player and a weightlifter for years. I was introduced to kettlebells last year by a friend. I watched dvd’s on how to train but decided I needed some hands on instruction. I contacted Nancy and she is amazing. Nancy has fantastic knowledge on Kettlebells and other forms of training that I took for granted. I feel challenged and I can see improvements already. Because of her I can see myself looking and performing better that ever at 43 years old. ~ Ira Thomas, Middle Grove, NY

I have been working out with Nancy for many years now. Nancy has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and for sharing her knowledge as a trainer with others who share that passion, whether they are just getting started on their journey to good health or they are well-trained athletes; Nancy can connect with anyone. She knows when to push you to do more and when to step in and fine tune your movements. As a trainer, Nancy pays close attention to form and emphasizes it over reps or weight. It is obvious that she stays on top of the latest fitness information and research. ~ Lisa Pellitteri, Voorheesville, NY

We’ve been working with Nancy since before she opened her own studio. We’re in much better overall health as a result. We’ve developed better eating habits, a more consistent exercise program, and better form because of her guidance. She’s tough and inspiring, makes class fun, and she doesn’t let you off the hook. She always pushes us–women and men alike–to challenge ourselves and to learn from her example. She’s a role model and an inspiration. ~ Barry Trachtenberg, Albany, NY

As a former Division 1 collegiate athlete, I have spent a lot of time in the gym weight lifting, doing cardio, and participating in various exercise classes. Without playing a sport, my exercise regime became very boring (very quickly) and eventually my workouts became unproductive. I was introduced to Nancy through a family member who promised me that her workouts were challenging and most importantly…different. Nancy’s kettlebell workouts exceeded all of my expectations, her professionalism and genuine demeanor makes her a great teacher. I have been working out with Nancy for nearly a year and each time I go I am presented with new and challenging workouts that have really made a positive difference for my strength and endurance. The caliber of Nancy’s workouts is equally aligned, if not more, to any training that I have received in my college practice’ days. I always have a great (and sweaty) workout with Nancy and I encourage anyone at any level to try a work out with her; she is really great at what she does! ~ Brooke Rutnik, Glenmont, NY

I was going to the gym and got bored doing the same thing over & over with little results and not much help from staff. Then I met Nancy and found a new way to train with kettlebells and that changed everything. I now have more strength and endurance than I ever had before.  Thanksgiving Day I ran my first 5k. I never thought I could do it but Nancy knew I could, and she guided me to the finish line. That`s how dedicated she is to what she does and the people she trains. I’m hooked for life and Nancy`s the reason, she’s the best!! ~ Paige Benedict, Glenmont, NY

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